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My relatives want me to get married but I have bigger plans - what is the right choice for me?

Anna Note Thursday, Nov 17, 2016 644 reads

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Dear Pundit,


I am a 30-year-old girl who has just returned from USA to Nepal. My parents live in the USA too, so I’m staying with my relatives in Kathmandu. I came to Nepal to start a business and do something on my own. While my parents are supportive of my aspirations, my relatives don’t seem to like what I’m planning for myself. They keep on forcing me to get married; they constantly remind me that I am getting old and a girl shouldn’t stay unmarried for this long in Nepal. I’m tired of listening to the constant nagging but I don’t want to look like I’m disrespecting them by speaking up. Please help me in this dilemma.


-Confused dreamer


Dear confused dreamer,


The struggle you are going through isn't rare. You are not alone, many girls in Nepal are going through the similar issue. The only solution to this is to speak up. Just know that you won't be disrespecting your relatives by speaking up; it is your right to take your life decisions. You seem like a passionate girl who'll do great things, both for yourself and the country. Don't give up on your dreams just because people don't approve of it.


Do you know that you're lucky that your parents support you? Most girls here are left alone in the course of achieving their dreams.


Marriage is the biggest decision in anybody's life, it shouldn't be done out of pressure or compulsion. Getting married requires a big deal of commitment. Especially, in a country like ours, your life will drastically change after your wedding. If you are not ready for it, don't rush into it. You are a matured girl with big plans in life, you know what's right for you. We need more young women like you in our country; so go for it!


Best wishes to you. 

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