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‘Sunday Exclusive’ - Reecha Sharma : ‘I have many genuine supporters’

Saroj K.C. Monday, Nov 21, 2016 3658 reads

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Instant chat with a pretty lady



How are you?


I am absolutely fine.


What are you doing these days?


Well! I just finished my new movie and started another.


Which movie did you just finish?


It’s the sequel to my previous movie ‘Loot’. I just finished ‘Loot 2’ and it is in the process of release.


What differences did you find in this movie than the previous one?


It is a male dominant movie as you all know by watching ‘Loot’. The whole movie was focused on the male characters as per the theme. ‘Loot 2’ is also a surprise so let’s find out when it screens at the theater.


Are there any changes made with the actors?


Umm! not at all. We are working with the old crew members.


When will we get to have the fun of ‘loot 2’?


The release date is on February 24.


Besides ‘loot 2’ what is your time schedules?


I am screening another movie ’Aadha Love’ also doing another movie ‘Chakkar’.








Have you found any differences in the movies then and now?


Yes, there is a huge difference in the movies then and now. We have better equipment, much more quality works, better cinematography, and of course, we get better support from our crew as well as from viewers.


What do you do when you are totally free from movies?


When I am free I love to read books, or you can also say I am a fan o the books. I also watch movies when I am free.


Do you like to travel?


Oh! Of course, I like to travel. But with the busy schedules, I barely get the time. So whenever I get time I take a long break and have some quality times.


Which is your favorite destination?


I have been to so many places like Rara, Manang, and other beautiful places, but when I go for the relaxation, I prefer Pokhara, easy and convenient.


At last, what do you have to say to your fans?


I have so many genuine supporters. My fans help me to progress more and more. Simply, I love my fans.


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