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I am in love with my own cousin

Anna Note Friday, Dec 02, 2016 624 reads

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Last year, I got into a relationship with my own cousin. At first, he refused but now hew is fine with it and we are serious. Now, my parents want me to get married and I am confused if I should tell my parents about this. There is no chance that they will accept our relationship but I can’t imagine a life without him either. I’m really worried and confused at the same time; please help me with this dilemma.

  • Confused Lover,


Dear Confused Lover,

You know love is blind but you aren’t, right? Honey, come’on he is your brother, accept it. I am sure in your family’s tradition, marrying a cousin isn’t allowed. Its natural for two opposite sexes to get magnetized to each other. But there is a fine line in between. You should differentiate the wrong and right. Sigmund Freud theory says ‘Even father gets attracted to his daughter’. But…but father is father. I hope you got my point. Have you ever imagined how can you share emotion feeling and share the same bed with the man who is your brother. So honey, don’t be at mayhem. This is wrong, get out of it and find the right guy who deserves you.

Best wishes to you. 

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