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'SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE' - Lex Limbu: "Lex is the alter ego I created"

Biplob Prasai Monday, Dec 05, 2016 7633 reads

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Lex, who has always dedicated his works to Nepal and the people living here, the environment and the entertainment business; he has helped us to be globally acknowledged.




“What's in a name? That which we call a rose

by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare, Romeo, and Juliet.


Nothing is kept in name, it is just a label to distinguish one from another, the famous quote is quite profound for it. The character and the beauties within oneself are the worth of something that is important rather than the name that we summon it with, Juliet meant to express it with the statement.


But things are relatively different here; a name could mean a lot more than William Shakespeare has expressed. Lex Limbu is the person who is defining the importance of the name to another dimension. Lex Limbu isn’t his real name,  but he prefers to keep it undisclosed.



Lex, what is your real name, can you tell me? I asked him in the middle of the interview.


“If I do tell you, you will print it in the interview,” he replied with a smile in his voice. For a second I thought he would have told me if I insisted that I wouldn’t, but I choose not to because I respected his privacy.


Lex Limbu is one of the famous celebrities of Nepal living abroad. He is a blogger by interest who has continuously kept on putting effort to get Nepal recognize globally and by far he has managed to do it amazingly. ‘The blog focuses on Nepali happenings from Nepal and the Nepali Diaspora’ according to him.


Many of us know him, and for those who don’t you can visit his website WWW.LEXLIMBU.COM .



Here is the interview with the Lex Limbu by Biplob Prasai of the Anna Note.




How are you?

Good, everything is awesome!



How are your days going?


I'm enjoying my days.

I recently completed my masters and I have just returned from Australia.


Describe Lex Limbu in one word.





Lex Limbu or Your ‘real name’, which do you prefer to be called/ known by?


Lex Limbu.




As a kid, I was a shy person, a person who spoke less and had few friends. I wasn’t socially active, to be honest. I have always used 'lexlimbu' on all my social media accounts and  the Name Lex has given me a sense of power, it created a different person within me like I created this alter ego of me, which I feel comfortable in blogging. Moreover, people know me by this name Lex; it is a catchy name (smile). Lex is a person who is the opposite of the real me. Lex is the person who has a voice in something, who is active in things he does. He has a different perception of the world he views.



So, was Lex created because you hated your true self?


Not true, like I said, Lex is a different person than me, his perception on how he view this world is different to the real me who was and is. He is a shy person, the gist of it is that Lex was an alter ego created by me to overcome the real me, not because I hated my true self.


Before I started blogging, I had an account on every social site known to exist.


And besides, ‘Lex’ is the name that people know me, but my family knows me by my real name. I personally like to be called by my real name at home and Lex to the world outside.



Lex, what is your real name, can you tell me?


If I do tell you, you will print it in the interview.




Ok, Lex can you tell me your strength that really helped you in blogging?



Consistency, I would say. The time which I started back in umm 2007-2008, there were few almost countable who were blogging and when I started I gave what I could. I kept on being consistent; I frequently updated and remained active.


When I look back, those who started or were blogging back then, where are they? I ask myself sometimes. If it wouldn’t be for the consistency I have given I would be among them, somewhere but not here. Yes, this is the one strength that really helped.



Well, that was your effort and your interest that helped you, ‘consistency is major’, but besides that what is your another strength that helped you a lot?



Umm, another strength that helped me was the way I blogged my content. I kept it really short and attractive to grab the viewer attention rather than wooing them away with a long post and content. While keeping it short and sweet, the content managed to prosper.


What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from it?


 I don't think I've experienced any great failure as such and that's mainly because I don't think I've taken such a great risk till date. I've always calculated my actions so far. If there was a moment in my life where upon reflection I felt I could've done something it would be in the year 2012, that was straight after Lex in Nepal and my blog was getting pretty popular. Now I look back and think I should've done more in the year 2012 but I understand why I didn’t as that year was very important for my education and I had made the decision that education was to come before anything else.


Your Proudest Moment?


The proudest moment for me was establishing Tracing Nepal which is a travel experience for young Nepalese adults living outside of the Nepal. The idea is to reconnect young Nepalese to Nepal through the purposeful travel program. I feel proud to be doing something that is positively shaping the minds of someone and making them experience something new. That's the best thing I have been able to do as lexlimbu.



Who would you like to invite for dinner among the Nepali celebrity?


Maha Jodi. Haribansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha.



What suggestion would you like to give to the Nepali celebrities?


My suggestion to Nepalese celebrities is to be careful with how they use social media online and also how they conduct themselves offline. The world is a critical one and social media in today’s age gives a voice to everyone so it's important we fully reflect upon our words before we share something. We also have to realize that Nepalese audience is so varied and from such diverse parts of the world reflecting different experiences and tolerance. We need to be careful with how we will be understood and if we fully believe in what we're saying then we should stand by it and be unapologetic. 



In my opinion, from the time I contacted him to the moment after the interview, Lex has always been a gentleman, a humble and a kind person. He has reached the heights of fame, success, and glory at the age where most of us are just starting to work for our name to be recognized. He hasn't had this overnight, he worked for it and he deserves the success that he is currently receiving.  Celebrities here in Nepal have an attitude to be superior, but Lex is a completely different person. He is a kind and a humble person one would not know about him, he isn’t a type of person who makes you feel inferior to his success rather he is the one who put his success aside in the corner and opens up like a normal person.


Lex, who has always dedicated his works to Nepal and the people living here, the environment and the entertainment business; he has helped us to be globally acknowledged. Boasting a monthly 44,000+ unique visitor in his website he has always portrayed Nepal beautifully with his skillful writings and his honest nature.

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