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'SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE' - 'Sanjha Pakha' with Nabin K Bhattarai

Saroj KC Sunday, Dec 11, 2016 1886 reads

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1 How are you, sir?


I am fine.


2 What are you doing these days?


Well! I am busy in live shows in pubs, restaurants, and as well as outside of the valley.


3 When will we get to hear your new album and new songs?


I am not working on any albums. This generation has no idea about music, they are busy in politics and other things. They even don’t have time to listen our songs , so I am not working on my album. If time changes, then only I will work on my next album.


4 You have many albums among them which one is your favorite one?


All of them are my favorite. All of my albums have good ratings in the market so they all are my favorite.



5 Which song would you like to choose for your all time best?


‘Sanjha Pakha’ of course! This one is my favorite song. Even when I am with my family I grab my guitar and sing this song.


6 Who is your source of inspiration in this field?


Pink Floyd! This band is my source of inspiration. Once I covered a song from Pink Floyd and I even got the response from the band.  It was a good time.


7 What do you have to say for the young generation?


Some of them are good but I am not happy with those who even can’t play guitar even in their own songs. To be a good artist you have to work hard, compose music, and write songs.


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