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Breakup Blues

Modern Pundit Friday, Dec 16, 2016 628 reads

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When I fell in love I thought life was complete finally. The girl I fell in love with moved my heart and deep inside I knew that she was the 'one'. But alas it only short-lived. I have been blaming myself these days that she broke up with me. I came to know from my friends that she's with another guy. How can I move on? I have now got into a drinking habit. Please help.  


  • Broken-hearted guy


Dear Broken-hearted guy,


I don't know the details of your breakup but from reading your message I think you really loved her. However, you also need to understand the fact that love cannot succeed if it's one-way. You loved her; she didn't. Your ex-girlfriend apparently broke up with you for someone else. It is not your fault. She couldn't be satisfied with you. That's the major problem most couples face these days. You deserve someone better so don't get depressed and go out for a fresh air. You need to be confident and instill positivity in your life. If you do that, life will be beautiful. And love will come to you. 



Best wishes to you. 


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