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'SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE' - Nisha Adhikari: 'I can't tolerate lies, big talks'

Biplob Prasai Sunday, Dec 18, 2016 3657 reads

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How are you?


Fine, Thank you.


Are there new things in your life?


Yes, lots.


What are those?


Well, I just started my own Production Company “The Yellow Band Creation”. The pre-production of a project is underway. We will initiate the shooting on Magh 8.


 Apart from that, as an actor, I  am also responsible for carrying out my movies at the same time.


Moreover, Masters second year exam is also ringing the doorbell, so I spend time with my books too. Where ever I go these days I carry my book with me.


What makes you feel bored?


Lies, super fiction conversations (big talks), I just can’t tolerate those. I get irritated with those easily.


 Luckily, I choose things that I don’t get bored with.



What do you do in your free time?


I don’t get ample free time. But when I do, I make sure I connect myself to the thing that matters most in my life, my family, my friends. I do some catching up with them.


Apart from that, I stay home to watch TV and spend quality time with my family.



Your favorite movie?




As a child what did you want to become?


It kept changing; it never could remain the same. I wanted to be a teacher and then I wanted to be a nurse etc. Still, I don’t have an idea of what to become to be straightforward.


Something or someone you miss most from childhood?

My grandmother, I still miss her. She was the person who looked after me, who raised me and took care of me. She was a great individual. I was a wild naughty child but she never complained about it, she let me become me. She didn’t nag me about not to do this, not to do that. She gave me with complete freedom to be who I was.


She was a great and strong individual. She has a great impact in my life. She is no more here with us, I miss her.




Tell me something you want to achieve?


I am a nature-oriented person. I love traveling, trekking. When I get the time, I pack my bags for trekking. I enjoy wondering about nature; watching the tall tree and exploring the beauty of nature. I want to explore more.


Moreover, when my life comes to the end I hope that I leave the world with a pure soul. I am looking forward to giving back and contribute what I can from my side to achieve it.


Favorite actor and actress?


No one, in particular, to be honest, I don’t have the list of it, because I am pulled by the fantastic performance that one puts on the screen. Being an actor, I watch almost every Nepali movie that release in the hall, I am in touch with their tits and bits.  I appreciate the performance which I feel they hit magnificently on screen.


Dream project?


I want to capture the beauty of Nepal for the world to see. Like a promotional video, Nepal is a beautiful country I want the glory of Nepal to be recognized by the whole world.


Love or money?


Love definitely.


Money or Fame?


Umm.. difficult one. I cannot choose between them.


You have a gun on your forehead and the only escape is to choose one, which would it be?


The money I guess.


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