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(Poem) - For Someone

Birat Subedi Sunday, Dec 25, 2016 1091 reads

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For Someone


Time flies away on emptiness my dear

Look at this beautiful nature

Lie all the secrets of truth and reality of soul here

Rainbow veins give sweet dreams to you

Just walking away on sweet memory my dear

I don't know truth about this life

I don't know truth about love

But this heart beholds you

Hold this innocent struggling hand

Lies all the reality of sweet feeling in your innocent eyes

I wanna drown in your purity of love my dear

I wanna be your tears

This flow of air gives  memory of you

This rising beat of heart is due to you

Don't worry my dear

If the whole world wanna win me

I don't care about that

Because I am in with you

Because I am in with you

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