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'SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE' - Pramod Kharel: 'I am working on my solo album for my viewers'

Saroj KC Sunday, Dec 25, 2016 3842 reads

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Pramod Kharel is one of the famous names in Nepali music industry. A person with a golden vocal, he is famous for his songs among the people. Anna note had an interview with him, let’s see what he have to say to our viewers.


1. How are you doing, sir?


Everything is going well.


2. What are you doing these days?


I am busy with my programs and also I am doing my recordings.



3. What about the releasing your next album?


I am singing for several albums and I am also working on my own album.


4. Are you doing concerts as well?


Yes! These days I am very busy in concerts and programs. I will be busy until two to three months. I will also be going abroad for the programs.



5. How did you get inspiration to enter in this field?


Well! I used to listen to old songs and used to practice those songs. I used to practice very hard and I succeed. Those old songs are the source of my inspiration.


6. Who is your idol?


I don’t have a particular idol because each and everyone who are my seniors is my idol. I respect all of them, I listen to their songs. They all are my idol. 


7. These days many of the artists are inactive in this field, what do you have in this case?


I don’t see like this because they are still doing on their own. They are not inactive as they are still working in the music field.


8. Lastly, what do you have to say for your fans?


I have a very good support of my fans. They love my songs and I have very good feedback as well. They like my songs and they entertain my concert too. I am working on my solo album for my viewers and I am working hard for them.

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