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I am in love with another man

Anna Note Friday, Jan 06, 2017 633 reads

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Modern Pundit

Dear Pundit,

I am a married woman. I have a son also and he is two years old. My husband left for abroad after one year of our marriage. After that, I became close with one man. He is driver by profession. We even had the intimate relation. Now, he is asking for marriage. I can’t even leave him and leave my husband also. I am really confused, what to do now?

  • Confused Woman,


Dear Confused Woman,

This kind of problem comes to me almost every day. Many youth and men are abroad for employment and they work hard for their family. But their partners get intimate with others. This kind of infidelity isn’t new. So dear confused woman, if you are sure that your husband loves you really, don’t get carried away by temporary attraction. He is working hard for you and your family’s future. You know lust is dangerous, so stick with your partner. Even your son will curse you when he gets older. So stick with your husband, love him hard and take care of your son!


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