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Nepali migrant workers from Kanchanpur languishing in an Indian jail

Anna Note Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 1196 reads

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KANCHANPUR - More than 20 Nepali migrant workers from Kanchanpur have been languishing in an Indian jail in Himachal Pradesh for the past seven months.

The workers with the Special Hydro Power Patel Company were sent to jail by the company administration on charges of affiliation with the laborers' union.

The 20 unfortunate Nepali migrant workers include Nain Singh Saud, Bahadur Singh Bhandari, Nar Bahadur Saud, Rana Bahadur Saud, Tula Saud, Nare Saud, Tikendra Saud, Jaidev Dhungal, Ramesh Saud, Ganesh Chand, Gopal Saud and Bhim Saud among others.

Karna Bahadur Saud, who returned after meeting his relative at the Indian jail, said they were incarcerated for attempting to hold a strike with a demand for a hike in salary.


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