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Get physical or lose Job

Anna Note Friday, Jan 20, 2017 685 reads

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I am 24 years old female living in Kathmandu. I live in rent, and living in Kathmandu has never been easy for me. I live alone and I do a job from which I manage my household expenses. The money I earn isn’t enough for me to fulfill my small wishes or go shopping. Due to that financial crisis, I started being close with my boss by flirting and smiling in his talks and acting very interested in him hoping he would promote me or at least give me a raise. I started to flirt with him even though I wasn’t interested in him. It’s been months now and things have become serious. The boss has approached me for a physical relation but I declined him. Now, he is threatening me that he will fire me if I don’t accept his proposal. I am troubled and I am losing my interest to go to work. 



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