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'SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE' - Cricket talk with ‘Basanta Regmi’

Saroj KC Sunday, Jan 22, 2017 2614 reads

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Basanta Regmi is the leading wicket taker of Nepali cricket in the ICC. He also has the world record of most wickets in Division League. He is a left-arm orthodox spinner of Nepal.


Saroj KC spoke with Regmi about cricket and his life. Here are the excerpts: 


1. What are you doing these days?


I am busy in a closed cricket camp for the upcoming World Cricket Division League on March 13 and 15 with Kenya.


2. How does it feel to play for Nepal?


It’s like a dream come true. I had dreamed from my childhood about playing for the nation and now I am happy to be at this stage. I feel very proud to play for my country.


Basant Regmi 1


3. What is your proudest moment of your career?


I have many moments like when I won the ‘Man of the match’ for the first time. That's when we defeated New Zealand in the U-19 World Cup. I was ranked 8th in U-19 World Cup from Nepal's senior team. There are lot of moment to be proud in my career.


4. How do you see the captainship of our captain Paras Khadka?


He is a cool guy. He never panics in any match even when the pressure is immense. He loves the team and always motivates us. He supports junior members and encourages them. He is a very good captain.


5. What about your club career?


I am playing from APF club. APF started the national league. I just won a gold medal in the 7th National game from APF. I am also playing from Kathmandu Golden Gate for Dhangadi Premier League. 




6. How can we improve our cricket status in future?
We are doing our best. It was all going well. But the dispute of Cricket Association Nepal (CAN) disturbed it for a while, but now it is going well. If we win all six matches of Division I, we will get a chance to play the qualifiers for the ODI World Cup. The government should also help us. We need changes in many areas and we need to practice more. We need to build more professionalism in this sector. At least, players could secure future in this game. The government should provide benefits to the players even after their retirement. We have to play more international matches to improve our game.
7. What do you have to say for the junior team?
You are playing for the country so don’t get upset even if you aren’t selected at once. Work hard and keep playing--you will be paid for your hard work. Never give up playing, you will get success one day.
8. Lastly, what do you have to say to your fans?
You guys are the reason we get the motivation to play. Love cricket and support cricket. You are always here to support even when we lose. You always motivate us to win again.

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