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When she cries next door

Anuja Khadka Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017 1518 reads

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When you gaze into her eyes, you don't know how those sharp looks feel like the eagles hunting for the food. Flying from the cliff to race with the deer that is struggling. Your hands, that could beat her anytime feels like the sharp claws to capture her soul and body. Would you rip her body and drink the blood if she ever agreed to give up? Her senses erode to answer that you would. You have been destroying everything.
Charging on her veins, nerves and pushing her into the darkness of the locked box of depression. I know how controlled the situation you could make out of the innocence she holds. You never know that the acts you are endorsing on her is abuse. She never wants to ask for the help with the neighborhood against you for scratching her skin. She runs close to the window panes and door to not let your monstrous voice reach the ears of the neighborhood.
Yet, you don't stop your devastating games of wordplay. You are ruining her self-esteem and confidence crushing her feelings. Listen to the loud tones of her screaming soul. She is feeling abused. She cries every night when the dog next door barks over you dragging to push her from the stairs. For you, the night goes silent an hour later. For her, the night comes with the sweat and the nightmare without sleep. With bruises and scars, she yells inside. Her tears roll down over the cheeks to scream of the pain that she has inside and out. No, abusing is not about being physical. It comes in different shades of emotions, words, and torture. Have you forgotten that a spoken word can be as harmful as a sharp sword that can take her life? You are greasing her self-esteem and confidence every night with your slurred speech. Your words are as stinky as your drunken mouth. She runs to the corner covering her nose scared of another unexpected bruise you could create on her.
They are tortures that you are employing on her of your superior ego. She breaks down of the unimaginable blames you endorse on her. The shocking words about her skin color, weight, and capabilities she holds. Stop blackmailing of the relationships you had in the past. In the present, you are holding a relation of an abuser. Her thoughts flow over and over to question her own existence. Yet, her words get jammed.
You should stop it until you kill her patience and tolerance. When the silence breaks down, she will rise up from the ashes. She will grow to make you realize how you are drowning on your own puzzles. At the end of the day, not all the hunters shoot the bull's eye every time.

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