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Nepali community in California holds gathering

Anna Note Thursday, Jan 26, 2017 822 reads

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CALIFORNIA, United States of America - The Nepali community living in California of the United States of America has held a gathering. 

Organized by the Nepali community in the City of Artesia, the meeting aims to hold interactions between office bearers of various Nepalese community organizations of the city and Artesia City's office bearers, said the host. 


Addressing the event, State Treasurer of the world’s 6th largest economy, John Chiang said: "The program is one of its kind that I have ever attended." 

He added that this was also an opportunity for the Nepali community to be heard and respected. 

Also on the occasion, Consul of the Government of Nepal in California Rishi Dhakal highlighted the economic contributions of the Nepalese Diaspora community in Southern California. 


Likewise, Public Relations Representative of Nepal Tourism Board in California, Rameshor Bhandari said the Nepalese community was very concerned about the recognition of Nepali language in DMP Driver’s License Handbook and written tests. 


Also, Artesia City's Mayor Ali Sajjad Taj, Janasamparka Samiti Southern California Chapter member Hari Ram Panta, also an active Nepali community leader, Artesia City's Planning Commissioner and President of Shree Pashupatinath Foundation , USA Bhakta Thapa and Dr. Jeet Joshee, Dean and Vice-President at California State University, Long Beach, addressed the event.

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