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Why do I feel jaded?

Anna Note Friday, Jan 27, 2017 639 reads

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Dear Pundit,


I got married when I was just a teen. It was an arranged marriage and now I’m twenty-two years old. The problem is I feel I’ve missed out a lot in life—like getting drunk, hanging out with friends, having a boyfriend—and this is really troubling me of late. It’s not just that but I have missed out in pursuing education, career, figuring out who I am, and most importantly committing mistakes that all early twenties experience. Recently, I came to know a guy who sent me a message on Facebook. He is good-looking and the thing is my husband always busy with work and rarely has time for me. He was in his thirties when I married him. We have a daughter of two years old. I want to experience life, be free and yet can’t do it due to my family commitments. What should I do?



  • Jaded girl


Dear Jaded girl,


It is unfortunate that you got married so early. But don’t you think that every one of us has different experiences in life? There’s no doubt that your early twenties has been a different one but then you should understand that others experience necessarily doesn’t have to be yours. Often we long for things that we don’t have and that are when you need to learn to be content. Why don’t you talk with your husband about him not giving enough time to you? Conversation and communication is a vital ingredient in any relationship—it will make your relationship stronger. Also, if you want to have fun then there’s a lot of liquor store around and you too can hang out with your girlfriends. Most importantly, you shouldn’t forget that you are married and have a daughter too so you should be careful about an extra-marital affair. It can really destroy your relationship. I suggest that you figure out to animate your life. And finally, about knowing yourself, you already have known that you are a mother and wife. And if you want to study further you should. And if you want to commit mistakes, well, marriage kind of restrains you so figure out what mistakes you can commit so that it won’t affect your family. Be happy. Stay happy. Your life will be exciting. Sometimes getting boring won’t be harmful at all.      



  • Modern Pundit

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