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Plastic littering takes toll in agricultural sector in Kanchanpur

Anna Note Sunday, Jan 29, 2017 676 reads

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KANCHANPUR -  Rampant use and disposal of plastic bags have taken its toll on the agricultural sector in the district.

This practice is against the Plastic Bag Directive, 2071 BS that has restricted production, sales, and distribution of plastic bags below 30 microns.

Chemicals from plastic bags that cannot be disposed of for long will contaminate the soil and water, thus contributing to the decrease in crop production, in the long run, said Yagya Raj Joshi, senior agriculture development officer of the Agricultural Development Office, Kanchanpur.

"Although there is not exact data on the effect of plastic bags on agriculture, 90 percent of the plastic bags is estimated to be thrown rampantly on the farmland and this is a major challenge in the area," he said, adding that this will cause 10 percent decrease in crop production.

A farmer Jaya Prakash Rana of Bedkot Municipality said they were finding difficulties to manage rampant throwing away of plastic bags, a major cause of decreasing agricultural production in the area.


"Neither the government nor the concerned authority has taken initiatives to this effect so far," he said.

Besides, discarded plastic bags pollute the environment and have affected human health. "People in the area use plastic bags as a means to burn fire and smoke from burning plastic bags will severely affect human health," said Hemraj Joshi, information officer of the District Public Health Office.

Harmful gas emanating from burning plastic bags may cause various diseases in humans like cancer and skin diseases, he added.

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