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Some facts you may not know about 'Nepal Idol'

Biplob Prasai Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017 8098 reads

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The international franchise ‘Idol’ is the most viewed show all over the world. The show first started in England with the name of 'POP IDOL' in 2001. British producer Simon Fuller started the singing reality show which is very popular in various countries.


Nepal has also associated its relation with the popular franchise 'IDOL'. The competition format and the music will be organized by 'Nineteen Entertainment and Fremantle media, North America'.


According to the international standards, the selected contestant of ‘Nepal Idol’ must go through the five rounds of selection. The auditions will be made accessible from the seven main cities of Nepal. Nepalgunj, Butwal, Narayangarh, Birgunj, Biratnagar, Pokhara and Kathmandu are the 7 cities where open audition will be held. The majority of the auditions in various cities have already been concluded successfully.




The people from the age group of 16 to 30 can compete in the open audition. No charges will be taken from contestants in any round of Nepal Idol, it is completely free.


But lately, there has been much turbulence in social sites related to the first round of audition. People are continually protesting about the biased selection procedure of the Nepal Idol.


'We didn’t even have the chance to give the audition to the real judges. We were judged by the people who were of 22-25 in age'- many commented on the official page of the Nepal Idol on Facebook. 'Local people were judging us; they were selecting the ones they knew from their music school,' many wrote on the comment box. 'This is unfair and biased,' many poured their rage on social sites.



Is this the truth?


Biplob Prasai, the reporter with Anna Note talked with the Director and Project head of Nepal Idol Mr. Laxman Poudel and Mr. Suresh Paudel respectively to find out the truth.


“We have a set of rules and regulation known as the ‘Idol Bible’ and everything is done following the guidelines set by it”, said Suresh Paudel, the project head for Nepal Idol.


"Not only here in Nepal Idol, everywhere in the idol franchise whether it is the American Idol or the Indian Idol, public auditions are held first”, said Laxman Poudel, the director head for Nepal Idol.



Nepal Idol is about choosing the best talents. One needs to go through two steps to face the main judges.


Firstly, one must give the audition to the pre-judges. It can also be classified as pre-audition. Only if the person qualifies for the pre-audition round, he will face the judges Indira Joshi, Nhyoo Bajracharya and Kali Prasad Baskota.


Pre-audition is the stage, where people are protesting about the most. When asked about it, Mr. Paudel said: “The judges who are judging the pre-audition have a master degree in music”. He further added, “They were scanned and interviewed by the treasurers of the Idol franchise and the Freemantle Media experts and personalities”.


Everything that Nepal Idol functions is governed by the Idol franchise; from the selection of the judges to arranging the bits and pieces of the Nepal Idol.




Those people who aren't selected will obviously be dismayed as only 70-120 contestants are selected for the Theater round. 


"One may be a great singer but if he fails to deliver his talent at the right moment then we are sorry about it. It is that moment that decides. It is an opportunity provided for them to grab. We are in search of the best talent in Nepal”, said Laxman Poudel.


“We are amazed by the talents in Nepal; I honestly started believing that there are people with amazing singing talents here”, said Suresh Paudel “Maybe they were undiscovered because there wasn’t proper and popular platform available previously”.


Nepal Idol has changed the perception of the singing competitions in Nepal. Previously, other singing shows did it for business to earn money from the participants through form, accommodation charge et cetera.


According to the Idol franchise, participants don’t have to pay for the form, it is a free audition. Moreover, if he gets selected then all the cost will be taken care of by the Nepal Idol. Selected participants need not worry about the transportation or the accommodation expenses. Nepal idol will bear the cost till their journey with it.


"The best response Nepal Idol received was in Biratnagar compared to other cities till now, and Kathmandu audition is still left. On the first day of the audition, we had almost 1200 participants. The audition was extended till 6:30 pm for that day. Nepal idol is doing better than we had expected despite the short preparation time we had,” says Paudel.


Nepal Idol will be broadcasted in AP1 HD from March 2017.


Photo Credit: Asu Basnet


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