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A Pangolin's plea

Sabita Gurung Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 1555 reads

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The moon is same, same is the star
But my habitat once spread so far
Is destroyed now as a unhealing scar.
Whatsoever, I am part of this place
This forest is my home whatever I face
I am living here still at my own pace.
So simple life I live in my burrow
Simple day and night without sorrow
Until humans come as a death-arrow.
Watered into my hole! I am drawn deep
Smoked a fire, threw mud heap
Suffocated, I step back and creep.
Fire burns bad my naked snout
No way inside, I find no way out
Silently for life I beg, I shout.
I have no roar nor do I howl
Nocturnal I am, a solitary soul
Only what I know is just to roll.
I wake up inside a tight dark sack
Ouch! I feel someone hit my back
I can't move, dear, my bone crack!
I hear someone talk about my scale
The second one bargains my meat to sale
The third one says to not even leave my tail.
Like my breath and my beating heart
My scales are my body part
Not a cloth to wear as your shirt!
With knife you pierce me deep
I realize for you--our life is so cheap
I remember my burrow, hopelessly I weep.
My baby yet inside a hole awaits me
Oh, humans! save me for my baby I plea
I was your friend if good you could see.
I controlled ants and termites you hate
Even other pest, insects and larva, I ate
I ensured balanced ecosystem innate.
I cared the soil, plowed as farmers do
I aerated soil, so well the trees grew
Others sheltered in my hole, old or new.
In return what I got? a bitter death
Why are you blinded by such untrue myth
Of my scales as your bulletproof sheath?
I am dead, but a humble plea to humans
Let no more like me get killed, please ban
If not, then give back my life if you can!

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