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'SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE' - Mysterious Man 'Dhiraj Rai'

Biplob Prasai & Saroj KC Sunday, Feb 26, 2017 2376 reads

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Dhiraj Rai is a well-known singer in the Nepali music industry. He has been involved in this field for 25 years. Anna Note's Biplob Prasai and Saroj KC had a short interview with him. 


How are you?


I am totally fine. I just arrived at Itahari for a concert.


What are you doing these days?


I have a busy schedule these days. I have to go to many concerts because of the festive and all. I am also involved in a band “Jatra”, with whom I am doing my concerts. Besides that, I have my own office as I am an architect where I am busy in developing blueprints and designs. I also take classes at a college. I feel good to share my knowledge with others. I am a writer too. And I've already published my two books back in 2061 and 2065 B.S.. Now I am planning for my new book based on my own experience of the tours I have made all these years.




Who is your source of inspiration?


Well, our generation was different at that time. I used to listen to old songs which my parents used to listen. So I thought about the new generation and started singing pop songs.


What are your future plans?


It’s been 25 years that I am in this field so now it is time to move forward and get into the international market. After a longtime struggle now I have to think big so I have finished my new album. This is my first English album which has eight songs. The name of the album is ‘Buddha was born in Nepal’.  I have planned to launch this album from Belgium.



Lastly, do you have to say anything for your fans?


First of all, I am here because of my fans and their love and support. We have devoted our life to this field. We have to work very hard to create good music so please say no to piracy. As we all know piracy kills the artist. Do not buy pirated CD.


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