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Depression blues

Modern Pundit Friday, Mar 03, 2017 575 reads

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Modern Pundit


Dear Pundit,


I am in my early twenties but I lack the zeal to do anything. My friends, on the other hand, enjoy their life and know what they are doing. A close friend told me that the college thinks I’m sort of an outcast. There’s negative labeling on me—gay, spy, psychopath, a loner and the list goes on. Despite the fact that I’m a good student, I am unable to do much to change this perception about me. The matter of the fact is I am suffering from depression. I tend to hear voices and even see weird objects at times. What should I do?


- Moonlight Guy


Hello Moonlight Guy,


Depression is not an unusual phenomenon. I understand what you are going through, therefore, I suggest you talk with someone who is close to you. Secondly, you should immediately find a psychiatrist and visit the hospital for proper medication. If you are really hearing voices and seeing weird objects, if it’s not your vivid imagination, then I’m afraid you might be suffering more than depression. I hope it’s not schizophrenia but just to be safe you should visit a specialist and restrain yourself from doing anything silly. And about your peers and classmates mocking you—ignore them—you need to face your struggle and those who really care about you will support you. Let the light shine on you.


- Modern Pundit



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