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Restaurant Review: Mitraan Da Dhaba

Katyayani Chowdhry Friday, Mar 10, 2017 2235 reads

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Mittraan Da Dhaba is a pleasant surprise tucked away in a discreet corner of the Shree Durbar Tole Lane, Pulchowk, with plenty of parking space.


Some interesting photos adorn the walls and the space being moderately furnished with lush foliage to add that natural earthy feel to an otherwise unpresumptuous setting.


The crockery and cutlery may be simple, but by no means inelegant, in fact rather refined, multiplying the wabi-sabi quotient of the restaurant.


The menu reveals an adequately stocked bar and a balance of meat and vegan choices. The pricing is- little above average, and we shall see why.


Starting off with Alu Nazakat, a grilled potato entrée, which is dry-fruity and soft- sporting the good looks of a sweetmeat from a confectionery- makes a very interesting and palatable beginning to a meal. Arriving hot and crisp on a white platter is a green round patty, the Hariyali Kebab, made with a veg-spinach paste- soft inside with a slight crunch on the outside- great for health and good in taste.



The main course has a wide variety, a few choices sampled are-

Garlic Naan- The sting of garlic attracts attention from the tandoor itself, whence it arrives redolent and smoky. One bite into this homemade bread and the crisp buttery sweetness confirms it as an appetizing single starter option too.


But couples are good! And when the above mentioned is combined with the signature Butter Chicken, it makes combo even better. Tender chicken breast that breaks away most gently floats in a cashew nut-indulged curry with tomato puree base; one mouthful of which makes you go crazy.


For those who are non- veg, there is its’ vegan cousin- the Butter Paneer Masala, with soft cottage cheese cubes, dipped in the richness of the same indulgent curry- divine!


The kitchen spews out another aromatic delight- Biryani- flavored optimum with spices and chilies, chunks of lamb and hard boiled eggs, accompanied with a herb-filled yogurt dip. This leaves nothing to be desired- it is a one-stop meal - sumptuous and filling. The dip smoothens out the sharp spices very well.


The in-house onion mint-chutney pickle is a good companion to the dishes here, and if you’re not an alcohol drinker, try less intense beverages to go with the food, they won’t interfere with the gamut of flavors.


MDD has an appealing atmosphere, so bring companions to enjoy the lingering tastes.


Open for lunch and dinner, and even the in-betweens- the Kathi Rolls are highly recommended.


The food speaks for itself, and perhaps with a little more investment over time, it might just become the holy grail of North Indian cuisine in this part of the city.

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