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For a long time I feared

Bhabika Joshi Friday, Mar 10, 2017 1853 reads

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For a long time I feared
That my words didn't sound like yours
And my hips didn't move as quickly
That the curve of my lips
Were thicker and redder
And the way my eyes looked when I talked
Just seemed more misunderstood

For a long time I feared
That every job I took
I would not be heard
That every conversation I had
Would be construed a different way
And that while words fell from my mouth
Nobody would care to listen


For a long time I feared
That my immigrant language
Was subpar in so many ways
For the way it did not reflect yours
And I spent so long in this agony
Because the words I spoke first
Were not spoken first by you

For a long time I feared
That I had lost myself, tongue-tied
In words I couldn’t pronounce
But now I am learning to trust
Not the words others say of me
But the words that I can say of myself
And that has changed everything


Bhabika Joshi
B.A. English | B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders
The University of Texas at Austin

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