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An open letter to Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar: "Are you really the Messiah of Madhesis?"

Jivesh Jha Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017 3247 reads

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Dear Gachchhadar Ji,


It’s the 13th time you are going to assume ministerial portfolio in Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led Cabinet. Your success stories are sufficed to prove that you are a confident person. Your visionary political statements project many ambitious plans and policies. But actual accomplishment remains modest. From my early childhood, I have been hearing that you are holding an office in the cabinet. And, I must say, you are the luckiest guy on this planet to bag ministerial portfolio for 12 times. Congratulations!!


I know you are not happy with the Prime Ministers of Nepal who kept calling you to join their cabinet. But then who is?


It’s relevant to quote Manu here who in Manusmriti, writes that persons of noble character must be appointed as members of Council of Ministers to occupy pivotal positions. Manu was of the opinion that a king without the council of ministers is like driving a chariot without wheels. He was of the opinion that an ideal number of the council of ministers should not be more than seven to eight who collectively and individually assist and advise the king (now Prime Minister) in the daily discharge of his duties. Apart from mere creation, Manu emphasized that the members of Council of Ministers must act like eyes, ears, and arms of the King.  


In the line with Manu, “Gachhadar is good at acting as the eyes, ears, and arms of the Prime Minister. Unlike other leaders, he knows how to play his cards. And, this quality has led him to achieve success many times. Although he is not well-versed with the importance of the ministerial portfolios, he is fully aware of the sources from where he could steal a large sum of money and loot state funds,” says Sujit Kumar Thakur, who is an observer of Madhesh politics. He further says that Gachchhadar cannot divorce himself from Cabinet as he is habitual of looting state funds from the very long. “His coins always shine which led him to climb the portfolios for 13 times.” Look, how the analysts make an opinion about you, Mr. Gachchhadar.          


Though you are Chairing Madheshi People’s Right Forum-Democratic (MPRF-D), a Madhes-centric party, you never took initiative to end the problems of Madhesh. Rather, you found pleasure in holding the cabinet portfolios.


But to tell you the truth, I never had a great regard for the opinions coming from your critics who keeps blaming you as ‘an evergreen minister.’ However, to some extent, their allegations attain a force of validity when I acknowledge your historical background.


You were there in physical planning ministry for as many as six times. For two terms, you were appointed as Minister for water resources. You opened your account from Communication and Information Ministry in Girjia Prasad Koirala-led cabinet in 1991, right after the promulgation of Constitution of Nepal-1990. Similarly, you were lucky enough to hold Ministry for Defense and Home Ministry in Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai-led cabinet. Your coins were so lucky that it succeeded to step in Civil Aviation Ministry as well in Krishna Prasad Bhattarai-led Cabinet. And, yes I must salute your statesmanship and politics that led you to hold the office of Deputy Prime Minister for four terms.


Okay, okay, I realize I am getting too stuck up with your ministerial portfolios. Pardon me for that. Before you get irritated and try pulling out that piece of hair from nose again and taking a boring short nap, let me remind you of a fact that you were Deputy Prime Minister in KP Oli-led cabinet also. And, now you are seeking the similar position in Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led cabinet who became PM succeeding Mr. Oli. Oh, I forget to remind you that you are going to become minister for Physical Planning for the seventh time.    


I am also pretty sure that the record of 100 centuries made by the legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar can be beaten up by any iconic player in the days to come but your record of holding ministerial portfolio for 13 times is not going to break by any Nepalis, at least.


Oh, and you must be in need of lot more ministries in coming days. Having lived all my growing years in Madhesh, I can definitely guarantee for the fact that the roads in Sunsari (your constituency) and other parts of Madhesh are not pretty good. When I visit the plains, I find that the Madhesh has already become widower of developments. And, yes I must remind you that you have experience of holding planning and infrastructural ministry for a half dozen times.


For you, politics is limited within a certain circumscribing of cabinet house. Might be Mr. PMs be worried about his mistakes like the Madheshi people at large are by electing you. Strangely enough, your political views aren’t a surprise. What more could be expected from a person who had been termed on many occasions as a power-greedy person?


“Gachchhadar is a permanent parliamentarian who has come here after passing Public Service Commission Examination. Mr. Khanal (Jhalanath) could you please give him a ministerial portfolio,” Baban Singh, a former Lawmaker of Constituent Assembly-I said in an ironic tone while speaking in a parliamentary proceeding.  He had accused you of being power greedy.


My heart weeps and goes out to the good citizens of Nepal, especially Madheshis who are forced to tolerate you as a Deputy PM. I staunchly believe that it is immoral for a person to stand by in mute silence and keep watching Madhesh, his own place and constituency, being least developed place in the country. You might claim that I am taking a jibe at you. However, what I believe is that the cabinet would be a better place without parliamentarians like you.


I am sad to know that your advisors have turned out to be wrong to suggest. Or, you by your own choice turned wrong. My mind still not believing that how come a razor-sharp politician, like you, who bagged ministerial portfolios for a dozen times, could be misled. You might say that you are not happy with the overburdened jobs of holding a ministerial portfolio plus the responsibility of DPM. But then who could be other than you?


You would certainly get a rise in salary and other amenities as you would be holding Deputy PM and Physical planning ministry both in the current government.   


Being a Madheshi and having lived all my growing up years in southern plains of Nepal, I can definitely give an undertaking of the fact that not even a single developmental project—school, university, or hospital and among others—is to your credit. And, still, you claim to represent us (Madhesh) in Cabinet?  


As I come from the same community, I am always with the Madhesh, where I was born and bred. It’s indubitable that Madhesi people need to be heeded. Their aspiration of equality, peace, and prosperity can’t be overruled. I also have due respect for those leaders genuinely working for the Madheshi cause. But I am sorry to say that my heart feels ashamed in paying you even a minimal level of respect.


Nevertheless, I am against the opportunists like you and will remain so. I am a staunch believer of democracy and freedom of speech. I have rights to criticize what I feel bad. This is the beauty of the democracy that everyone has right to voice, as ensured by Article 17 of the newly enforced constitution.


But the opportunist leaders like you turn intolerant against whoever comes between you and your power aspiration. I wonder where you want Madheshi society to take.


If you have few hours of spared time, I humbly request you to take an inquiry of the nerve of the Madheshi people by visiting them. Oh, you don’t have to worry about the expenses met. The government would bear it and even you can make trips on chartered helicopters. Are they (Madheshi people) really happy with you? Will they welcome you with garland? Of, course not, since you have done nothing for their cause.  


Dear, Mr. Gachchhadar, work for the cause of the nation. Almighty God will bless you. And in return, the electorates of Madhesh would also bless you with their valuable votes in the next general election. Moreover, your dream of becoming a permanent parliamentarian would always remain undisputed.


As you are going to hold the portfolio of DPM and also hailing from the Madheshi origin, you could convince Prime Minister Prachanda and the other radical political class in Singha Durbar to work for the cause of Madhesh or the nation as a whole.


Many in Madhesh believe that your party has lost ground in across Terai-Madhesh region. It is a prolific time to retain your political strength.


I hope you would save the land of Goddess Sita, Lord Buddha, philosopher Kumaril Bhatta, among other god-like humans from further crisis.


It is for sure that you will be a political hero among all people of Nepal if you come victorious in proving that you are a friend of development and enemy of corruption.  


I will pray for your all success in politics.


Yours truly


Jivesh Jha

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