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Ilam's Kabita languishing in Bangkok's jail

Anna Note Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017 721 reads

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ILAM -  A Nepali woman from Barbote - 7 of Ilam has been languishing in a jail in Bangkok - the capital of Thailand – for the past six months.

Kabita Acharya has been in the jail for the past six months and has now been joined by Deepak Adhikary of Lahachowk - 3, Kaski.

The Thai police arrested them for possessing fake visas for Canada. They were arrested from a hotel with the passport having fake visa stamps for Canada.

The Thai police on January 12 filed a case against them at the Thai Criminal Court. Both the Nepali citizens claim they are innocent.

Consultations with the lawyers suggest that their release demands a bail amount of 250,000 Thai Baht each, Nepali Embassy said.

Acharya's family members confirmed she was arrested from a Bangkok-based hotel in possession of a passport with Canada's visa stamp. They are unable to find out the identity of the dealer that arranged for the fake passport as they have not been able to contact her.

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