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Equal parenting

Nura Sapkota Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017 1360 reads

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I got the chance to be the part in "The Human Rights in Childbirth" conference held in TATA university-Mumbai which was a part of a global discussion to address the provision of respectful, culturally sensitive, human rights-based on maternity care to optimize maternal and infant health outcomes. Several empowered women from different parts of India and other countries sharing their extraordinary experiences was the lovely part of the conference. Empowered women like President of International confederation of midwives (ICM) Francies, President of Royal college of Midwives, Lesley Page (UK) were there to speak on several topics.


Along with this, there was a beautiful scene which fascinates me every time and makes me smile. I was in love with that scene every time and my eyes are craving to see it again. There was a woman named Tina Nadu with a baby of 9 months along with her husband and they were handling the baby in between coordinating with other member of the conference. Mother was breastfeeding and professionally she was the photographer. Another lady was also carrying her baby of 11 months and she also seems professionally so competent and was handling her baby, breastfeeding in between and every time both the ladies seems so cheerful and happy with her baby.



 Although there are no great and good facilities at our workplace, I really want to suggest to all the couple who are at the stage of career development and scared of hampering professional life due to baby that if we go together, we can make it happen; we can protect a child rights of getting exclusive breastfeeding till 6 months of age, loving and caring of parents during infancy which is only the foundation of healthy adulthood.



A good husband who shares equal responsibility for child care will definitively result in high-quality child care. Usually, in a society where I live in, I have seen hundreds of families where mother works hard to raise children alone in presence of her husband only because child are supposed to be the responsibility of the mother. There is the tradition of blaming mother if their children go wrong and taking credibility when their children do good work.



Every parent should know that when a child is growing, parents themselves are also growing and if parents don’t take equal care in their childhood and take care enough same things are going to repeat when parents are old. Kids get to earn ways of navigating through fun, crises, and chores from mother and father.



I would emphasize that quality of relationships depends on having a sufficient time to develop and nurture those primary relationships. Equal parental responsibility provides a context and climate for the continuation or development of high-quality parent-child relationships allowing both parents to remain authoritative, responsible, involved, attached, emotionally available, supportive, and focused on children’s day-to-day lives. Attachment bonds are formed through mutual participation in daily routines, including bedtime and waking transitions to and from school, and extracurricular and recreational activities. There is a direct correlation between quantity of time and quality of parent-child relationships; as high-quality relationships between parents and children are not possible without sufficient, routine time to develop and sustain a quality relationship. And children’s adjustment is furthered by primary relationships with both mothers and fathers (Fabricius et al, 2011)







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