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Morcha and Alliance announce programs of agitation

Anna Note Sunday, Apr 16, 2017 1565 reads

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KATHMANDU -  The United Democratic Madhesi Front and the Federal Alliance have announced protest programs, arguing that the government was holding the local-level elections without addressing their demands.

Accusing the government of registering a new constitution amendment proposal against the agreements reached with them in the past, the UDMF and the FA have announced a series of protest programs that includes torch rallies to general shutdown.

At a joint press meet held here today, the UDMF and FA leaders reiterated their position of going for polls only after amending the constitution to address the demands of the Madhesi, indigenous nationalities, the Tharus, Muslims, Dalits and the marginalized.


"We are forced to go for agitation in order to protect the achievements of the past including federalism, national identity, democracy, republic and proportional representation and inclusion," said Upendra Yadav, the Coordinator of the Alliance.

Yadav also said elections to the federal parliament and the provincial assembly should be held first after addressing the issues of restructuring. And the local-level elections should be held under the provincial government.

According to information shared on the occasion, the UDMF and Alliance will join hands to organize processions, mass meetings, and nationwide shutdown in the lead up to the local-level elections scheduled to be held on May 14.

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