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Women’s Role in Election

Janakee Gautam Sunday, Apr 23, 2017 3925 reads

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As the local level election is in full swing preparation which is going to be held nearly after two decades interval, people have several speculations and ideas regarding election across the nation. Some parties are arguing not to go on the election without constitution amendment, and meanwhile, some are insisting on the timely election of locals. However, the election is just like a vehicle, it promotes rule of law, democratic system and eventually helps to keep nations peaceful and stable.


In spite of the several controversies and thoughts, the date of the poll has been fixed which is quite necessary to revive the democracy in the nation and to unlock the door of development at the grassroots level. While talking about the election, women participation is very interesting and has become a hot cake since the legal provision has granted thirty-three percent representations of women in election mandatorily.


Sheryl Sandburg, the famous American author said ‘In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.’ As per the saying, can this adjacent election unleash the new doors to women along with the changing face of societies? Unless these sorts of the election do not help in the inclusion of women, and including all kind of group in a diversified nation like Nepal, there won’t be the possibility of a new dimension of political development.


Even though the voices for substantive women representation at the decision-making level have been talked and raised frequently, finding women candidates at the grassroots level is very rare. In this way, it seems as if the allocated quotas are also not going to be fulfilled, they will remain vacant. Following this, we can assume that women are less interested regarding political issues or they prefer to do households, or they have not been given ample opportunities to empower themselves through socio-economic, political, educational activities, which is quite disappointing to all of us.


Despite the fact that our nation has got the women leaders at the Legislature, the Executive, and the Judiciary. Generally, in our society, politics and social works do not fall in the list of women. On the other hand, educated and qualified young generations are also not supposed to be involved in politics; they should engage in high academic related works. The very dogmatic thinking has been working on them, and it has become a constraint for women to come into politics, which is a great challenge to all women. Similarly, the political parties might not be serious about this issue and might be apathetic toward creating a healthy political environment as well.


According to the latest census report, more than half of the population in Nepal is constituted by women population. It means, large numbers of women will elect their candidates among the male and female candidates in the upcoming election, and it can make a significant difference in the political atmosphere of Nepal and can change the political scenario drastically if the women become more conscious about their rights. In addition, it is the great opportunity to pop the society toward development by electing effective and eligible leaders.


It is the wide known fact that there are large numbers of women voters comparing to their male counterparts. Thus, it is the sole golden opportunity for women to elect the good representatives to secure their rights as well as for the sustainable development of own society without flying after the propagandas. Again, there is a high possibility of great (New) Nepal, if a large group of voters dares to proactively choose the right person, boycott the unhinged and corrupted candidates for the sake of the nation.  

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