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My brother molested me

Anonymous Tuesday, May 02, 2017 1537 reads

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Female, 19



I came to Kathmandu from my hometown in course of getting my further education.  Currently, I am staying at girl’s hostel but it wasn’t the same previously. Three months ago I came to Kathmandu but I had no permanent place to reside in. Therefore my parents suggested me to stay at my relative's house with my Uncle and Aunt for a couple of days. I was always fond of them from childhood. So, I agreed to stay.


They had a two storey house all by themselves and their one son. My stay didn’t go as planned as it kept on extending because I had a hard time finding the right place to stay and a proper college to study.


Things were going well in the beginning but it slowly started degrading. I wish I had noticed it earlier. Their son i.e. my younger cousin brother started to act weird with me. He used to touch me unnecessarily when we were having the conversation, At first, I didn't give much attention to it. 


But one day, my Uncle and Aunt went to attend a party and they informed us that they would be late. I went to the kitchen to cook food for us. My brother came to the kitchen and gave me company. He was talking while I was busy cooking and cutting vegetables.


 Suddenly I felt a cold in my neck area, to disgrace I found him standing behind me. I wasn’t sure what happened, but I feel that he kissed me with his lips in my neck. My body shivered as I shouted at him, but it didn’t make him stop. He started to talk and force me into being physical. I denied him, then he started using his strength to lift my arms up and start touching my body parts. 


I couldn’t scream nor I could push him away. He groped me in every body parts and kissed me all over my skin. I cried and begged him to leave me, and as soon as he did I ran away to my room and locked myself there. I stayed the whole night crying and in fear. I didn’t know what to do, I felt so helpless and depressed.


The next morning I left that place without saying anything to anyone. I didn’t have the courage to tell anyone even my parents. That incident still haunts me, it has made me fragile from inside.  I never thought he would do that to me. I used to celebrate Bhai Tika with him every year. I failed to see the beast in him. He molested me and my belief. How can I stand up with my head straight ever?

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