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Russian Scientist Patents Method to Create Atmosphere on Mars

SPUTNIKNEWS Wednesday, May 31, 2017 2269 reads

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The sky over Mars may soon be shrouded by clouds: a scientist from the Russian city of Arkhangelsk has just patented a novel invention for creating an atmosphere on Mars. According to the researcher, it will help to control the weather on the Red Planet making colonization possible.


Aleksandr Popov, a member of the International Academy of Science, already has eight patents, and all of them are associated with the exploration of Mars. His latest invention is called "Method of heating up the Mars' atmosphere."


The inventor has proposed using Mars' polar caps, which are composed of solid carbon dioxide and ice. According to Popov, about once every two years, these polar caps begin to "melt" — changing into a gaseous state. Meanwhile, the ice remains on the surface. "With the help of a concentrated solar power system, it can be converted into steam, which is further transformed into a mist or clouds," he told the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.


In addition, the scientist has also patented a method for forming an ozone shield in the Martian atmosphere. While other scientists offer more knowledge-intensive methods attempting to create an Earth-like atmosphere on Mars, Popov offers a simple solution: fill it with carbon dioxide, which will increase the temperature and create a more favorable environment.


Popov suggests using an iron rope releasing nitric acid; during Martian dust storms, dust particles will charge the cable with electricity by friction. An electrical discharge created in the atmosphere will trigger the decomposition of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and oxygen, leading to the creation of an ozone layer.


The researcher believes that the colonisation of Mars is just around the corner, and may even begin in some 20-30 years. Currently, the scientist is working on improving the efficiency of his inventions and on making them more affordable and practical.

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