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'Putin Turned Out to be a More Skilled Strategist Than Brzezinski Ever Was'

Ekaterina Blinova Tuesday, Jun 06, 2017 1768 reads

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The era of Zbigniew Brzezinski, American diplomat, strategist and former national security advisor, could be called the qualifying round ahead of the grand geopolitical chess championship that has just begun, Canadian journalist and political consultant John Bosnitch told Sputnik.


Zbigniew Brzezinski's passing prompted some observers to assume that the era of the Grand Chess game has come to an end; however, John Bosnitch, a Canadian journalist and political consultant, believes otherwise.


"I would say that the grand geopolitical chess championship has just begun," Bosnitch, who heads the Inter-Media Center in Serbia, told Sputnik, "Brzezinski's era could be called the qualifying round, in which he scored excellent results in pursuing his personal goals, using the White House as a tool for his own agenda."



Brzezinski had a long and eventful life: the Polish-American politician served as a Counsellor to US President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966 to 1968 and then was President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981. In the following years, Brzezinski continued to play a significant role in US foreign affairs. But that's half the story.


"He helped destroy the Soviet Union. He made the Vatican an overt partner in CIA subterfuge on the international scene. He planned and executed a Vietnam-style debacle for Russia in Afghanistan. He led in forming the Trilateral Commission to bring Japan into full military partnership with Washington. He centralized decision-making in the hands of anachronistic monarchs, corrupt financial oligarchs, and mafia-linked death squads in Central America, Kosovo, Chechnya and the Philippines. He was directly involved in planning the Obama regime's coup in the Ukraine. He tried to coordinate a similar coup against [Russian President Vladimir] Putin via CIA-run so-called NGOs [non-governmental organizations] in Russia," Bosnitch elaborated.


"Zbig was a master of the game," the journalist emphasized, "But his weakness was that he did not act from the shadows but made his actions most openly and in public."


National Security Affairs Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski tells a Washington news briefing in Washington, Friday, May 11, 1979, that President Carter and Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev will meet from June 15 to 18 in Vienna to sign their new Salt II treaty


Meanwhile, it appears that Brzezinski's followers lack both his keen intellect and powerful personality.


"His disciples, including Madeleine Albright, are of a much lower IQ, and therefore cannot achieve the same results… thereby losing the gambit for Ukraine, losing the effort to topple [Syrian President Bashar] Assad, and now even losing the US hold on political policy in Turkey, which is the biggest reversal of US power in the region in decades," Bosnitch observed.


History has shown that Russian President Vladimir Putin turned out to be a worthy opponent to the geopolitical grandmaster.


You can read the full news here.

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