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The changing trend of Globalization

Sapana Phuyal Friday, Jun 23, 2017 3440 reads

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Post World War II, the world turned out to be workable in all aspect. The World’s economy shared free trades and the investments were in high terms. The world became a global village where countries shaped into an institution. The boundaries of a country weren't restricted for people to enter. Technology took a leap ahead and the peace that the world desired came to meet the standard of the global world. The wicked aspect of War, military exercise revised into development and humanitarian service. The statistic of people living in poverty hit low and the standards of living flourished.



But down the line to now, every aspect of the achieved globalization is under assault. For example, the Immigration issue has become a hot cake. Refugees from the Middle East, the African continent and Asia have flooded Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. The act of terrorism and violence is taking over the whole world. Diplomatic ties are being cut off resulting the world being more and more cynical.



Last year June, UK decided to detach itself from the European Union. Brexit focuses on controlling the immigrants rather the nationality in Britain. Furthermore, Trump first announcement as a President was to withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trumped vowed the “America First” concept, which is against globalization. Trump-ism dispatching the world rather than making “one world”. Trump made a controversial declaration that was against the harmony of the world. His election campaign relied on building a giant wall on the Mexico border. He constrained the relation with Cuba and signed an executive order to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the US. Not only that, he made restriction and tightened the visa process for foreign students. The United States withdrew the Paris agreement, standing against the world.



So, what is next glimpse for globalization?



Unknowingly, the other world power hegemonic to the region as their aptitude. China is a rising power in the world and is dominant in Asia. The future of globalization will depend upon China since the United States lost its interest nurturing international pacts. China's One belt One Road project: a primitive silk road to business is an initiative way to unite Asia, Africa and Europe. China decision to reconstruct Silk Road appears as good sketch of globalization. China's project "Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank" strengthens the economic status of the underdeveloped country. But, China still remains silent in many other globalization issues. In the latest Qatar-Gulf crisis, China remained silent. The United States is edging against the global issues whereas China has been engaging to merge the world together.




Sapana Phuyal is a Sr. Correspondent for AP1 HD

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