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Absence of Karma – The Unfortunate Continent

Jugal Shah Friday, Sep 08, 2017 4750 reads

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Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap – Bible


Not true for Sierra Leone or the African continent in general.


Africa, a continent so abundant in everything Karma refuses to make its presence felt here, conversely, the abundance seems to be shaping the Karma of its inhabitants.


Ever since its discovery by invading (Read Western) powers, the rich continent of poor people has never seen a period of sustained tranquillity and peace. Slavery, Colonialism and now ravaged by the roots of Western style parasitic economic imperialism. Everyone wants what Africa has without giving what it needs, China included.


The mudslides in Sierra Leone, August 14th and Democratic Republic of Congo on 17th have transformed into humanitarian crises, overshadowed by events before and after the calamity. Charlottesville Incident and the Barcelona attacks. Less than 20 people have died in these attacks and conventional/Social media has hogged all attention worldwide.


Game of Thrones, the celebrated fantasy epic leaked (hacked) episodes debacle has received more coverage.


Meanwhile, the mud tsunamis have claimed more than 700 lives upto now, thousands missing, displaced and homeless with continued torrential rainfall and threat of epidemic looming large on the unfortunate regions. Inhabitants of Freetown (Sierra Leone) are particularly shell shocked, cause it's not everyday one sees about half of a mountain detach itself, flowing, shedding mud, dragging houses with trapped residents.  Regent, a town exclusively built for the “Elites” on Mount Sugarloaf since the colonial times is history, pun intended. Most were still sleeping when the flowing Earth engulfed them turning the entire area into a mass grave.


The situation in DRC is no less dire and similar to Freetown, however, apart from those affected; 7.7 million people are on the verge of starvation.


Has there been enough coverage of disasters this size? Insignificant to say the least, cause the people out there are pleading for help when relief should have been pouring from all sides. Even the so called protectors and self-righteous governing bodies like UN, WHO, Red Cross have been slow on the uptake. United Nations Economic Commission of Africa’s HQ based in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) took a good 2 days to respond. Speaking of Ethiopia, UN has trouble coping up with the ongoing famine in Ethiopia, the worst it has seen in decades.


This begs the question – Do black lives really matter? Or has propaganda served its purpose? Who wants to help Aids / Ebola ridden, poverty stricken souls of these wretched lands, cause the help received certainly affirms that.


The only direct aid from a foreign country has come from China to Sierra Leone, no such thing for DRC yet. Since China is involved, USA and its vassals remain aloof, looking the other way. Russia tight lipped.  India, who traditionally remains neutral, is usually amongst the first to help has not stirred, showing a marked alignment with US interests.   This is what geopolitics has come to, glaring showcase of twisted machinations of “Foreign Policy”.


 Mostly it’s the neighbours and other poor African nations who have come forward.


Analysts are attributing the landslides to factors like rampant Deforestation, Mining, Urbanization all the societal evils basically brought on by the colonists and subsequent economic subjugation. Now the country/government is left to fend for themselves in the event of a calamity.


Also one wonders where the world’s foremost “philanthropist” and self-appointed Evangelist for Africa aka Bill Gates has disappeared.


Here’s an excerpt from his blog post on Jan 2017 named – 5 reasons I’m optimistic about Africa


“For my first blog of the new year, I want to share evidence of this trend from a place where many people wouldn’t expect to find it—Africa. It’s one of my favourite places to go for a fresh perspective on how the world is improving. I saw this in-person last year during my trips to South Africa and Ethiopia.”


Gates’s twitter page has a collage of African images as header pic; however, forget any help not even a tweet from “Benevolent” Gates. Now would be a good time to remove those VR Goggles, Bill. Ditto for foreign companies who have business interests in Sierra Leone.


Canada is a new entrant in the foreign policy realm.   Here is a crisis which can propel Canada onto the World stage, tread its own path with Trudeau and give Africa a dose of its “Sunny” liberal policies


For once, dear people, can we help without expecting something in return? Africa needs it. Africa needs us.


Shah is an anarchist, socialist. Cross-functional, collaborative agrarian economies are what the World needs right now. He strongly advocates these philosophies through his books. For the new collaborative order to take hold the Capitalist system must fall. That's why his first book is, "It's Important to Hate Americans(USA)"



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