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Trump Restricts Visas from 8 Countries, Including DPRK

Sputniknews Monday, Sep 25, 2017 921 reads

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On Sunday, US President Donald Trump banned or restricted travel visas to the US from eight countries.


The new order restricts five of the six countries Trump listed in his original travel ban, including Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, and lifts restrictions on Sudan as well as adding new restrictions on visitors and immigrants from North Korea, Venezuela and Chad.

Trump banned the issuance of all visas from North Korea and Syria, but for Iran, he blocked all visas except those of students and exchange visitors. Immigrant, business and tourist visas from Libya, Yemen and Chad have all been banned.


The new executive order also suspends visas for government officials on business or tourist travel from Venezuela and Somali immigrants, reported NBC.


The visa suspensions will begin October 18 for Chad, North Korea and Venezuela, while for the five remaining countries, the exceptions to the ban for close family members will remain until October 18.


The administration also added that they will modify the bans for each country based on whether that country shares information about travellers' criminal histories or employs electronic passports with traveller information.


"The goal is not to indefinitely block certain nationals from coming to the United States. It is to protect Americans until foreign governments to comply with our standards and no longer pose a risk," Miles Taylor, counsellor to Homeland Security secretary Elaine Duke, recently said, according to


"We had a range of countries, from total willful non-compliance and non-engagement to countries that maybe couldn't meet the requirements but were interested in doing so," Taylor said last week.


"Some countries didn't even have the courtesy to say, 'Go fly a kite,'" he added, cited by

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